Watergate Nursing Home

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Case Analysis Report:

(1) Watergate Nursing Home is a 178-bed private, not-for-profit nursing facility (NF), located in Washington D.C.; it is owned by a not-for-profit corporation, headquartered in New York City. a. The corporation owns and operates 10 other units throughout northeastern United States. b. Watergate is the only one in Washington, a large minority market; it is the second largest facility owned by the system and only one with more than 50% (51%) public pay residents. (2) Watergate has historically had very low employee turnover, especially true for the management staff. (3) Ms. North recently replaced Mr. Jones as corporate regional manager at Watergate Nursing Home; she has a reputation as being very modern in her management ideas. (4) Merrian and his staff quietly wish for the old days; things have typically been managed traditionally. c. For the employees, anybody from corporate staff is an outsider, a bother, and someone who gets in the way. d. The idea of North visiting the company for 2 weeks beginning next Tuesday does not please the staff. i. North reassured them that her visit is to get to know the facilities and asked to set aside time to meet with her at their convenience and send department manuals to her temporal office. ii. She also informed them that she does not want to interrupt their day-to-day activities and promised to provide constructive feedback and to have a closing meeting to discuss her findings. (5) During the 2 weeks, North used document review, interview, and observation to collect data. e. Mr. Merrian, the 48-year old administrator, started with the corporation more than 5 years ago when Watergate was purchased. iii. His excellent credentials provide great information regarding his educational background. iv. He is a hard worker and believes in providing good quality care and is very accommodating to his subordinates; he has a good sense of humor and very personable with the staff, residents, and family members, maintaining open-door policy. v. His weakness is difficulty with confrontation.

vi. Company does not have an assistant administrator; no mention of the need for recruitment. vii. All department heads directly report to Merrian in a hierarchical arrangement. f. The dietary supervisor, Ms. Hill, reported no problems in her department, yet there are still issues observed, such as being over budget for the past 2 months. viii. Budget showed a sudden rise in raw food cost due to shortages in food, which occurred on weekends; Hill denies any change in weekend staffing or other unusual events. ix. Employee attendance records showed a recent increase in absenteeism and lateness x. Employees were frequently meeting in small groups when no supervisor was around. g. Maintenance department was cited for deficiencies on the last health department survey; problems included no preventive maintenance schedule, staff failure to attend safety committee meetings, and out-of-date maintenance manual. xi. Newly submitted plan of correction included preventive maintenance schedule developed by engineer at corporate headquarters. xii. The department head, Mr. Black, stated that he did not have the time or manpower to work with the new schedule; he felt no ownership or responsibility for the schedule. 1. He was committed to take care of emergency repairs, special skilled and daily small “fix-it” jobs, to supervise employees, and to complete paperwork. 2. He and his staff were efficient in handling the recent fire emergency; investigation showed the cause of fire was that a resident had violated policy of non-smoking. h. Nursing department was running smoothly; staff morale was high and care was of high quality. xiii. Ms. Kay...
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