Water Pollution Essay

Topics: Water, Pollution, Water pollution Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: June 13, 2010
Andrew Morgan
Preventing Water Pollution: Mission Impossible?

In a world covered in great seas, great lakes, and creeks, lies a hideous environmental dilemma. A dilemma so big that it kills 14,000 people every day, and also causes vicious diarrhea illness to over 1,000 Indian children, daily. This predicament causes great suffer to the entire earth, and this problem is called, Water Pollution. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, lagoons, and groundwater. Chemicals and pathogens are the most damaging contaminates leading to pollution. Water pollution can also effect marine life by the animals ingesting the newly found chemicals and it pollutes our water so that we can't use it later. When you pollute water , it means to throw garbage or some type of waste into the water. It is illegal in most countries and you can get fined up to $300 for throwing one thing in that's not biodegradeable Many causes of pollution including sewage and fertilizers hold nutrients like nitrates and phosphates. In extra levels, nutrients over stimulate the growth of aquatic plants and algae. Excessive growth of these types of organisms consequently clogs our waterways, use up dissolved oxygen as they decompose, and block light to deeper waters. The main cause of water pollution are fertilizers and nutrient pollution. Some of the pollutants that are most prevalent in the manure, sewage and chemical fertilizers are Nitrates and phosphates. These pollutants run into the streams and rivers causing excessive growth in aquatic plants and algae leading to clogged waterways and dead zones. Another cause of water pollution happens when oil, gasoline and additives gets spilled due to a leak in a major oil tanker. This usually gets a lot of coverage because of it's effects on...
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