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Topics: Water, Water pollution, Stream Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: May 8, 2013

A hot summer day at the beach, to cool down you need a cool, refreshing can of soda or bottle of water. Later, others come and see garbage in the water. How did this happen? The person drinking probably was too lazy to clean up after themselves or couldn’t find a garbage can nearby. It’s a shame that water is one of our most significant natural resources, and it’s turning into a filthy, disgusting liquid. This tragedy is called Water Pollution. Any change or modification in the physical, chemical and biological properties of water that will have a pernicious consequence on living things is water pollution. It occurs when pollutants (particles, chemicals, germs, substances, etc.) are discharged directly or indirectly into different forms of bodies of water. There are many types and causes of water pollution because water comes from many different sources. Here are some kinds of water pollution: 1)Surface Water Pollution:

Most wastewater, fertilizations, and sewage contain high levels of nutrients, and so if they end up in water bodies, they encourage seaweed and algae to growth which makes water undrinkable and takes up the space and oxygen that were usually used by the water organisms 2)Nutrient Pollution: Surface water includes valuable, natural water found on Earth’s surface like lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans, and when hazardous substances come into contact with this surface water, it dissolves and/or mixes into it making it filthy, and very, very harmful. 3)Oxygen Depleting:

Water bodies are made up with micro-organisms, mostly aerobic and anaerobic organisms. When too much biodegradable matter end up in water bodies, more micro-organisms grow and just like seaweed and algae, takes up most of the oxygen in the water. If the oxygen is depleted or...
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