Water Pollution Contamination

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Pollution is the act of environmental humiliation and contamination with artificial waste. Air, water, and soil pollution is a serious complication, which affects everyone in the world. Some of the main causes of pollution is the lack of laws to new industries as well as a poorly educated society. Due to environmental pollution, the society has put pressure on the government to create and carry out diverse policies to the control of environmental pollutants. LAND POLLUTION

Land pollution is the deposition of waste materials be it liquid or solid state either underground or the land that could pollute the natural resources like the soil, underground water. Land pollution also threatens public health and is the root of further

land pollution takes place when unwanted materials of all kinds like garbage, rubbish and trash from different places are disposed to the land. Materials consist of moist food, paper, and glass, plastic, Etc. Also material such as cement, metals, rubble concrete are buried in the ground. Furthermore, factories eliminate hazardous chemicals and liquids into the grounds. Contaminated effluent from subsurface sewage disposal can also be a cause of land pollution. Garbage left in open dumps often has breeding of animals such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other disease carriers. They also root the cause of bad smell, windblown debris and other irritants. Windblown debris could cause contamination of lakes, rivers or wells nearby leaving more room for diseases. Methane, a hazardous gas is given out by decomposing garbage. Misusing of land like deforestation and use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers further pollute the land

Climate: Due to land pollution, the forest cover on earth is decreasing which affects the climate. This results in less rain which leads to fewer pure water resources. Therefore, all living things: the flora and the fauna that rely on fresh water for life are affected. Land pollution also leads to acid rains, greenhouse effect and global warming.

Extinction: Land pollution leads to deforestation resulting in many species losing their habitat which is one of the main causes of extinction.

Bio magnification: this process takes place when a particular non-biodegradable substance accumulates in the food chain. This puts not only the specie consuming it in danger, but all the species connected to the food chain. Overall results in affecting the food pyramid

Biodiversity: extinction will result in unbalanced and disturbed biodiversity. For example, if a species goes extinct the specie it feeds on will see a number of increase.!

Reduce Product packaging: as the consumer market grows, more elaborate and fine packaging is used. This increases the waste produced every year and leads to further land pollution. A way companies have started to go green is make reusable and recycled packaging that attracts the consumers.

Recycle: Using materials that are recycled. Stop wasting paper and using recycled paper. Give away old books and newspapers to recycle companies. Avoid using materials such as plastic. Recycling helps in reducing the amount of waste dumped in dump fills. Cans and metals could be recycled.

Composting: According to scientists, it takes about a decade for a land fill to decompose. Composting helps in decomposition due to its design which helps in flow of air. Yard trimmings and food that are decomposed help in reducing the land pollution

Air pollution is one of the major problems that our planet is suffering from , its affecting our daily life without our notice as its content of poisonous gases and acid rain and many other gases from the burned fossil fuel and transportation and industries, we inhale without our notice it may damage our lungs and affects our health. Air pollution is defined as “ the introduction of chemicals, particulate...
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