Water Experiment

Topics: Water, Quarter-life crisis, Ocean Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: February 12, 2013
So for the past several months, I have found myself head deep in an ocean of confusion, paranoia, and lack of intellectual comprehension or as I like to call it creativity. Funny Enough, I use the ocean, something so serene and effervescent to describe my annual quarter life crisis. Unconciously however, that must be no mistake, seeing that Water will be the theme of the experiment I will be working with.

I’m still a little skeptical as to how I chose Water . There was no real inspiration, or interest on such force but rather an intuition that drove me to further explore this element. Perhaps an unconscious inclination, seeing water has always been a comfort zone for me. My whole life, I have always lived within walking access to great bodies of water, wether it has been a river, the ocean or cascades. It has been the one source where I have always resorted to for peace, grace,answers, therapy, I suppose...Its a constant flow of energy that I feel connected to, my soulmate, It challenges me to do better and I can not live without it.

So with that, I decided to start researching on water. At first i was quite unsure as to how approach this experiement. Something drew me to the water. I began to take pictures and film, capturing its sound, movement and interference with other objects or liquids. But there was no question in mind as to what exactly I wanted to attain from it.

Until I asked myself :

If I seek to water for guidance or clarity. How can I interpret that feeling, that emotion into something that other people will be able to experience as well?

How can I sonically incorporate water into a spatially public area and how will people percieve it

..... and so it began...
Water is a pretty broad topic, so lets start off by going back to its early description, Allowing me to move from one idea to the next ( a logical breakdown) that will allow me to prove my theory (or not)
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