Ten Canoes/Cloudstreet Study Notes

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Belonging statements:
* There are many types of belonging: to family, culture, nation, education, social groups, place. * Many people choose not to belong - ironically such rebellion can actually make a new group to belong to. * If we don't belong, we may become powerless.

* "The feeling of not belonging, of not being entirely worthy, of being sometimes hostage to your own sensibilities. Those things speak to me very personally. They speak to all of us in this way." - Anthony Minghella

"Belonging to oneself - the whole essence of life lies in that." - Ivan Turgenev "The conflict between the need to belong to a group and the need to be seen as unique and individual is the dominant struggle of adolescence." - Jeanne Elium

"Self-identity is one of the first principles in everybody's life." - John Clare

We can be forced to belong.

* A sense of connectedness.
* It is essential for a person's growth and development. * Personal, social and cultural identity become integrated. * The need to 'fit-in'.
* Fluid and usually based on choices
* Change over time.
* The 'herding' instinct.
* 'Strength in numbers' seems hot-wired to our psyches.
* Physiological need to associate with and be well regarded by our peers. * Helps to build cohesive stability.
* Personal codes for right and wrong can force someone to challenge the status quo and withdraw from belonging on moral grounds. Ten Canoes - Rolf de Heer
* Youth of Ramaning had highest suicide rate in Australia - no sense of belonging. * To educate Western societies on Aboriginal culture
* Entertainment
* Yolngu people → north-eastern Arnhem Land in NT
* Combine storytelling traditions with western narrative cinema. * Yolngu storytelling can be described as an all-emcompassing event that creates a relationship between all things, including self, country and kinsman - audience relates. * doesn't follow linear conventions of classic Hollywood narratives. * Multilayered - distant past, past and present.

* Incorporates multiple viewpoints, blend objective events with subjective viewpoints and incorporates perceived events with actual events * Believe magic and spirits facilitate the logical chain of events of birth, death, etc. 'life is borrowed'. * Set before European colonisation

* Influenced by anthropological work by David Thompson - lived with the people and documented their lives - photo of ten men with canoes * Cast are amateurs from local community - belonging to their cultural heritage - re-taught to make props in traditional ways, increasing authenticity also. Ideas about Belonging:

* Represents individuals who belong to a society where behaviour is guided by a complex system of traditional laws and kinship webs. * Confronts the audience with the possibility that, whilst they may initially feel that they are excluded from the world of the text, the power of storytelling and a shared humanity can overcome this barrier to belong. * Establishes the significance of the relationship between the storyteller, the story and the audience. * Articulates that a sense of belonging can be created through relationship and connections to place - especially nature. * Suggests that belonging to a group with clearly defined rules and expectations can be a constraint of individual freedom and choice. * Enabled the Yolngu people to reconnect with forgotten aspects of their culture that were in danger of extinction. Thus a sense of belonging to their traditional culture is established. * Attempts to bridge the cultural gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians through generating a greater awareness and understanding of cultural practices and shared human experiences. Possible Thesis's:

* Experience
* Our life experiences teach us that when you stop trying to belong you realise that you have always belonged....
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