Water Expansion

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“Expansion of Alkaline water, Tap Water and Salt Water in a Temperature of 4℃”

A Research Paper in Fulfillment of the Requirements in Physics

Submitted by:
Dacasin, Gewiss Gabrielle K.

Submitted to:
T. Jocelyn M. Aranda



I. Title of the Study

“Expansion of Alkaline water, Tap Water and Salt Water in a Temperature of 4℃”

II. Statement of the Problem:

The researcher would conduct a specific experiment that will discover what kind of water expands the most in 4 C. The different kinds of water to be tested are Alkaline, Tap Water, Distilled Water, Seawater. The conductor of this particular research will know what type of water reacts the most, by doing this experiment will solve the problem that is stated. This experiment will not be difficult to conduct because it requires minimal resources.

* What type of water react the most to this experiment?
* What type of water did not expand to the experiment?
* Is there any time difference between how long it took to expand?

III. Introduction

A. Background of the study

Water is one of the most common yet valuable resources we have on this planet. Without water we wouldn’t be able to survive. Water is seen almost everywhere in the world except for the Gobi Desert. It has a lot of uses especially when it comes to our health. It does a great deal for our weather too, When it’s a hot day the water absorbs the heat the sun is giving off.

To understand water and it’s many qualities we have to take a very close look at it’s structure and the reason why I am conducting is to see on waters many natural processes.

B. Significance of the Study:

We all wonder why water expands. it may be in a ice cube tray or any other water container. We all wonder why water expands on a given temperature. The temperature has a big effect in certain substances that changes its molecule from a liquid to a solid or vice versa. The researcher wants to know for himself the changes that the water goes through when it has been froze to its freezing point. the focus of the researcher is to find out if all types of water will expand in a specific temperature. This way, we will learn more about water and the effect of the specific temperature

C. Scope and Delimitation of the Study:

This research will only be concerned with he expansion of alkaline, tap and salt water. This research does not include boiling point.



Temperature is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold. Objects of low temperature are cold, while various degrees of higher temperatures are referred to as warm or hot. When a heat transfer path between them is open, heat spontaneously flows from bodies of a higher temperature to bodies of lower temperature. The flow rate increases with the temperature difference, while no heat will be exchanged between bodies of the same temperature, which are then said to be in "thermal equilibrium.Many physical properties of materials including the phase solid, liquid, gaseous or plasma, density, solubility, vapor pressure, and electrical conductivity depend on the temperature. Temperature also plays an important role in determining the rate and extent to which chemical reactions occur. This is one reason why the human body has several elaborate mechanisms for maintaining the temperature at 310 K, since temperatures only a few degrees higher can result in harmful reactions with serious consequences. Temperature also determines the thermal radiation emitted from a surface. One application of this effect is the incandescent light bulb, in which a tungsten filament is electrically heated to a temperature at which significant...
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