Watching a Movie at Home or in Theaters

Topics: Movie theater, Film, Warner Bros. Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Tyler Murphy Compare and Contrast Paper (Rough Draft) October 12, 2010 B5 Composition & Grammar Watching Movies: At Home vs. Going to the Theaters

When deciding between watching a movie/video at home and watching a movie/video in a theater, most people base their decision on many things. Some major components people factor in before making a decision on which is way of watching movies is better are cost, comfort, control, and quality. Each and every one of these things affects the viewer opinion on which is a better way to watch movies. Cost is one major factor in determining whether watching a movie at home is better than watching a movie at a theater. The average cost for buying a ticket to a movie is 10 dollars. When at the movies, majority of the people viewing the movie also likes to have a snack to eat during the movie. The average cost for food at the theaters is 6 dollars and drinks are 4 dollars adding another 10 dollars coming to a total of 20 dollars. Watching a movie at home on the other hand costs 5 - 15 dollars depending on if the movie was brought on boot-leg (cheapest cost), rented from a local movie store (medium cost), or purchased out of stores (most expensive cost). Snacks while watching a movie at home are also cheaper than the movie theater because the snacks are already owned saving the viewer lots of money not including gas cost for having to drive to the theater.

Comfort is another big factor in determining whether watching a movie at home or at a movie theater is better. At the theater, the viewer’s comfort ability is not an option. All chairs in the theater are made in a certain position only allowing the viewer to sit in a position in what the chairs allows. Comfort ability at home is another story. When watching a movie at home, the viewer has the choice of sitting on the floor, sofa, or chair. The viewer has the...
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