"Movies Today Are Often Entertaining, but Rarely Enlightening." Is This a Reasonable Assessment?

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Movies today encompass a huge variety of genres, from romance to horror and comedics to action thrillers, each are unique in their own way. Not all might convey some form of an educational message but it is undeniable that movies enlighten us on the progress of technology and some stir up heated discussion along with the provision of entertainment.

Movies are entertaining- they make the audience cry at tragic scenes, laugh at a hilarious act or simply gasp at the effects. One good example would be the Harry Potter series, which has garnered many reviews and earned millions through box ticket sales. The audience are brought through an intricate plot and simply gawk at a car flying in the sky, defying laws of gravity as we know it. This of course is unachievable in reality, hence seeing such things happen on screen is very interesting as people watch their imaginations come alive. Compared to the past when movies were in black and white, the addition of colour livens up the scenes. Movies today bring people out of their daily routine and into another world, albeit largely based on imagination, but closely imitates reality thanks to the rapid progress of technology; movies are indeed very entertaining.

It would be unreasonable to say that movies today are rarely enlightening. How then were movies made in the past extremely enlightening? Even in the 1980s, there were James Bond movies. One can hardly say that a James Bond movie was enlightening in aspects such as morals and ethics. Most portray James Bond as a highly skilled agent and a notorious womaniser as every movie features a different heroine acting alongside James Bond, and who inevitably ends up in a relationship with him. there are James Bond movies today too, with more exciting gun fights and thrilling action scenes. The difference between movies in the past and movies today is not the enlightenment factor, but rather the technology factor.

moview bring up existing issues and make people more...
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