Wasted; a Memoir of Anoxia and Bulimia; a Chapter Added for Present Day.

Topics: Marya Hornbacher, Thought, Marriage Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: October 18, 2010
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Marya; Present Day

I am adding a piece of the book, Wasted; A memoir of Anoxia and Bulimia, of Marya Hornbacher would say about the book today.

Minneapolis; Present Day
After Wasted, I relapsed which ended my relationship with my ex-husband Julian Beard, whom I was very attached to during the duration of the periods in the book. Julian and I got married the year the book was published and I think kept us at bay of our inevitable divorce. Even with everything I have gone through, there is not a day I regret. I was a very stupid child, as described in the book, but I feel everything has brought me to become the person I am today.

Yes, I still get up and face the mirror and analyze every part of my body, but then I get passed the thoughts in my head, take a deep breath and carry on. Battling anoxia isn’t as easy as everyone says it is. I see something different in the mirror than anyone else does, and its not like I can just change the way I see myself. It’s about submerging the bad thoughts and bringing light to the good things I like about myself. For instance, I enjoy the fact that I am still here today so I can continue writing. Some say that’s cynical, but that’s just who I am. Writing Wasted actually gave me a chance to put everything that I had gone through out of my mind, and I was able to let go and after relapsing, start a new life. I meet my new husband Jeff Miller in 2002 and life has been pretty great since then. I belief writing Wasted gave me chance to be who I really am.

- Marya Justine Hornbacher
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