Waste Management

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The following is a law research paper work on Waste managing issues in Australia. The research paper concentrates on a former Australian Government owned Company located in New South Wales (Waste & Recycling Processing Corporation); which is currently been taken over by a private Company SITA Environmental Solutions which provides its services for the waste management and recycling of waste to Australian civil and has branches through out the globe. The research elaborates on which rules, regulations and legislated acts, the waste managing company should be following. It further discusses a case where the Company got involved in environment disturbance and what penalties, torts did they have to face for breaching of the law and so what actions did the Company did to improve their fault.

Waste Management has been a significant problem in Australia and one of the serious issues. Australia does not restrict the dumping materials that are common in other countries. Over the last decade the job for waste management has completely changed. It has involved the dispose of waste in landfill to that of acquiring sustainable resources and recycling into some other activity Rohlin, A. (n.d.) The effects of landfill Pollutants. E-how. Retrieved (2012) from http://www.ehow.com/list_6829847_effects-landfill-pollutants.html

A hazardous waste can be considered as a substance or object which exhibits hazardous features, and is no longer fitting for its intended usage and requires disposal. Some of these hazardous features include being toxic, flammable, explosive and poisonous. Hazardous wastes include:

Chemical products from industrial processes
Metals or other compounds such as lead, mercury and cadmium Waste mineral oils
Household chemicals and pesticides, and
Biological wastes.
Some hazardous wastes can be easily identified but others are less obvious. Some common consumer goods and household items contain hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and brominated flame retardants. Televisions, computers, smoke alarms, batteries, compact fluorescent lamps, paints and household cleaning products can contain potentially hazardous substances. The estimated quantity of hazardous waste generated in Australia has almost doubled from 0.64 million tonnes to 1.19 million tonnes per annum over the period 2002 and 2006. In 2007, hazardous waste was estimated to be 1.1 Mt or approximately 2.5 per cent of waste generated within Australia, An average of 30,000 tonnes of hazardous waste was exported from Australia for safe treatment overseas between 2003 and 2007. (2009) Hazardous substances and Hazardous waste. National Waste Policy. Retrieved (2012) from, http://www.environment.gov.au/settlements/waste/publications/pubs/fs-organic-waste.pdf WSN Environmental solutions (WASTE RECYCLING AND PROCESSING CORPORATION) better known as SITA after the acquisition in February 2011. WSN was a big corporation for the waste disposal in New South Wales, Australia owned by government body which was sold to SITA 2011 for $235 AU million. The acquisition of this corporation has made SITA as today’s largest and most advanced waste management company. WSN has been providing the best and advanced services in waste treatment technologies, especially in mechanical biological treatment operations 2012, SITA Environmental Solutions. Retrieved from, http://www.sita.com.au/

Legal Issue/Case Rules and Acts
The case occurred between Waste and Recycling Processing Corporation and the Environment Protection Authority. The case was filed under state law, in New South Wales under the judiciary of the land and environment court of New South Wales. The plaintiff where the Environment Protection Authority and Waste & Recycling Processing Corporation was defendant. The case was taken...
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