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Implications for the Future
Environmental Psychology
February 20, 2012

Environmental issues have become a norm in today’s society but that does not have to be the case. There are so many situations and relationships that occur between psychology and the preservation of the environment that will be discussed. Environmental issues and problems can be resolved but the willingness must be present. Creating a solution for waste management is just the start of helping resolve environmental problems. There are also economic, political and legal barriers that become present when trying to create a solution for waste management but having a clear understanding of them is vital. Having a resolution and a proposed outcome one how useful waste management is for our environment and how successfully addressing this issue will be beneficial to our environment will also be discussed. Relationship between Psychology and the Preservation

The relationship between psychology and the environment has been questioned for many years. Just how does a field like psychology fit into the problems that the world and society are facing on a daily basis? One of the answers comes in the form of one type of psychology and that is in the field of environmental psychology. The direct study of the relationship between our environment and how it then affects the humans and even animals within that environment is what an environmental psychologist studies. There are studies done that help to find ways the problems that are facing the environment are solved which makes this type or field of psychology important. The problems that are found by environmental psychologist show the psychological side. Such problems like crowding, noise, pollution and even waste control are all environmental problems that have been identified. Creating a model in which a solution can be placed in society will become the job of the environmental psychologist and they then will help with the preservation of the environment. One example of an environmental concern or problem is the climate change that is taking place across the world. There are melting ice caps in the North Pole because of sifts in weather around the world. Areas are getting more of a winter or even more of a summer, the balance is off. “One can imagine that climate change might have some positive consequences for some people in some places, but according to many experts, climate change already is having, and will have many more, negative consequences for many people in many places”. (Gifford, 2008) So the human response felt by some people is that of happiness because the weather where they reside is nicer than normal. For this environment the education that ways of life need to be changed to being the balance back to the world they becomes less. It becomes less because here are people that are experiencing something better than they normally have things. Environmental psychologists have to also keep a focus on the individual influences on the environment; each person has a choice that is to be made. Some of the people would look at a more global picture and base choices from that, while others only look as far as the individual and make their choices that way. Solution for Waste Management

Waste management is when a society collects, transports, processes, recycles and disposes of wasteful material. It is in this management of the waste produced by the world population that solutions can be made to lower the amount of waste. Even the green movement is a way of waste management, as it gives the public ways to cut down on energy waste. By doing something as simple as changing a light bulb the use of energy to that source becomes less saving the person or company money and making that use of energy a green alternative. “The bottom line is that efficient design and green building strategies not only offer long-term economic cost savings, they also have human health benefits, including...
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