Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal
Waste disposal has been one of human being’s biggest problems ever since the dawn of civilization. Humans create loads of waste every day ranging from empty bottles to excretions to banana peels. What to do with all the garbage that the people create has been the discussion of panels ever since the Roman senate got together. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that putting the garbage out of their trash cans can cause many safety and environmental problems. People tend to throw and litter stuff around thinking that ‘it’s only a little piece of trash and only I am doing it so it’s not going to make any difference’. This is a very wrong attitude because if everybody started to think like that, then the world would be in trouble because everyone will be littering and no one will be throwing the garbage in the cans. Also, we have a growing number of people in this world and as the people grow, so does their trash. The best way to reduce trash in our environment is to recycle it. The first step in getting the people to recycle is to have them understand that recyclable trash should be put in its right place.

An experiment conducted by P. Wesley Schultz concluded that pleading the people repeatedly is one of the best methods in which to get people to throw the garbage in its proper place. This experiment was based on recycling methods and it required the people to put the recyclable objects into their proper recycling bins. The experiment was conducting by using feedback interventions that were aimed at the personal and social norms of the participants. The experiment included the study of the “curbside recycling behaviors of 605 residents of single-family dwellings for 17 weeks. Groups of contiguous houses were randomly assigned to 1 of 5 experimental conditions: plea, plea plus information, plea plus neighborhood feedback, plea plus individual household feedback, or the control condition. Interventions were implemented using door hangers...
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