Wardrobe Reaction Paper

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Interpersonal Communication
10 October 2012
Wardrobe Reaction Paper
First I will discuss what I wear for special occasions. Usually I wear a nice polo shirt, with horizontal stripes (makes you look thinner), khaki pants, and brown dress shoes. If the occasion is a wedding I will usually wear a dress shirt with a tie, black dress slacks, and black dress shoes. It just depends on the occasion which outfit I feel is appropriate for the situation. I usually try to wear whatever will go with what my wife is wearing to the event. I wear this type of apparel to special occasions because I believe it is respectful to the others there such as a wedding couple, etc.

For everyday occasions I wear just casual clothing. In the summer I usually wear a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and pair of shoes. If we were to be going out to eat at a restaurant I will wear a nice polo shirt, khaki shorts, and a nice pair of white sneakers. To go to the grocery store then usually just a pair of camouflage shorts, t-shirt, ball cap, and a pair of everyday sneakers will do. During the winter months my everyday apparel consists of a pair of jeans, hooded sweat shirt with a t-shirt underneath, and a pair of tennis shoes. On occasion I may put on a long sleeve polo type shirt to wear if we are going shopping or out for a dinner and movie. I wear these types of clothing because not only does it look nice and presentable, but it is also comfortable.

When I am just bumming around the house I just wear basketball shorts, plain t-shirt, and some comfortable sandals or tennis shoes. If going to a friend’s house to just

lounge around then it is pretty much the same although I may throw on a pair of camouflage or jean shorts instead of wearing basketball shorts. These are things I wear just because they are very comfortable, and quick and easy to throw on when in a hurry.

I would say that my wardrobe communicates self-respect about myself. I always wear clothing that is clean and in great...
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