War Creates Peace

Topics: World War II, Treaty of Versailles, World War I Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Misconception of War
Is war bad? Does its existence only cause evil and death? Sometimes we read articles on newspapers and magazines and find out the cruelties of war in Afghanistan, and when we do, we start thinking why does war exist. If war only causes sorrow, we does anyone want it to exist? Let’s go back to the definition of peace and war. Peace is commonly referred as an era without conflict, when people live in harmony. War is usually defined as a time when people fight for honor or their country. Although these definitions are quite accurate, it does not adequately explain what is peace and war, and I doubt the simplicity of these two words. What is the cause and effect, the balance, between these two “words”, if there is one? Peace and war does not always have to refer to events with or without actual conflict, sometimes peace and war can happen inside of person, they are included in and caused by the basis of humanity, in which I will further explain. Although peace is the most ideal era that people hope for, it cannot be established without war, because of the nature of human beings. “In 1960, a U.S. military research team studied ways of avoiding another major war. During its research, the team fed a computer all the data on World War I. The computer responded with the assertion that World War I was an impossibility, which it never really happened! Blunders and casualties of such magnitude could only be the stuff of fictional conjecture, not of hard reality.”(Gary C. Burger, MDiv) War has never been logical and understandable. This program did not keep us out of Vietnam War, Korean War, and many other wars. Even with today’s most advanced, modern technology and programs, we still can’t explain why there is war. Although sociologist and psychologist may have reasons why wars exist, the result of wars is illogical. War defies logic, yet still inevitable. Now I wonder what humans are made of. War has the potential to create peace. Sometimes...
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