Wanted by Caroline B. Cooney Summary

Topics: Family, Murder, The Police Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Wanted by Caroline B. Cooney
Alice Robie is a 15 year old girl. She was visiting her father during one of her “custody weekends”. She gets a strange call from her father telling her to drive his most prized car, Corvette, which he wouldn’t let anyone touch. In the book it said that was one reason why her parents were divorced because her mother thought he loved the car more than her. Her father told her to get two disks and drive to where they eat ice cream most of the time. In my opinion I felt that the main character took to long to complete this task. But before she could live the house a strange yet familiar person invades her looking for the disk her father told her to bring. Fortunately she was hiding with the disk under the Corvette. The intruder says that he had killed someone for good. After the intruder leaves her house she gets into the Corvette and drives to the place her father told her to meet up with him. Unfortunately, she makes it there and she thinks her father is late and but she sees his other car there. She leaves the place and goes into her car put on the radio only to find out that her father was murdered in his bed and the police were looking her because she confessed to the murder to her mother through email. The only thing was that she didn’t commit or confess to the murder and that her father couldn’t have been murdered in the house because she just left the house. Frightened she drives away paranoid and panic that the police will catch her because on the radio they told which car she was driving and the license plate number. She calls her mother her mother believes that she commits the murder and wants her to turn herself into the police. The first place she drives to is the mall to but new clothes she is very paranoid about getting caught she the person who parks next to her leaves their keys in the ignition. She thinks about going to steal their car but she decides against it. Then she enters the mall she buys clothes and runs out...
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