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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Hi my name is Franz Liszt. I was born October 22 1811 in Hungary. My father was an official in the service of prince Nicolas Eszterhazy. I was learning to play the piano at age five. I started to compose music when I was eight years old. When I was nine I made my first public appearance as a pianist at Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slvk.). I guess impressed the rich people so much that I got enough money to support myself through music school for the next six years. I had piano lessons from Carl Czerny. Carl Czerny was “the pupil of Ludwing van Beethoven”. He and I preformed several small concerts in Vienna. There is a legend that Beethoven attended at one of my concerts and kissed me on the forehead. In 1823 I moved to Paris. I wasn’t allowed to attend the Paris conservatoire because I was “a foreigner”. So instead I studied with Anton Reicha, the successor of Joseph Haydn. I was also friends with Michael, Joseph Hayden’s brother. Later on I became ill and so close to death people saw my obituary. After i survived the illness i suffered depression and wouldn’t even go near a piano for a year. In this year I read instead of playing music. I started to talk to artists like Alphonse de Lamartine Victor Hugo and Heinrich Heine. He also met Hector Berlionz (Symphonie Fantastique ), Niccol Paganini, and last but not least he met Frederic Chopin. They were all so influential for me to get back to music. In 1834 I got a solo in harmonies poetiques et religieuses. Then I had an affair with Marie d'augoult, she left her husband to join me in Switzerland and we had our first daughter December 18. We all mainly lived in Switzerland and Italy but occasionally I went to Paris. Later on I transcribed 6 piano pieces from Schubert and Beethoven, it was the dream life. I then had 2 more kids in 1837 and 1839. Then my madame was stressed so she went to Paris with our children, sometimes I would go see her. Bad side was i could only see her when I had time between raising money for...
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