Walmart Annual Report

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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An annual report is also often referred to as a company's annual financial report. An annual report consists of four major parts, each of which can be broken down into specific areas pertaining to the business in question. These four sections reveal the business's financial status in terms of earnings, spending, debt and long-term assets. The first main section of Walmart’s annual report is assets. The company's assets are often presented in a category near the beginning of the annual report. The assets show how much the company owns both in terms of short-term and long-term assets. Long term assets can include property or investments, so the value may change over time for both the better and the worse. The assets should be broken down in terms of monthly value, so readers can easily identify where the numbers come from and identify when and where an asset may increase or decrease in value. The second main section on an annual report is liabilities. The company's liabilities are often presented directly after the assets. The liabilities should be presented in the same format as the assets, as the two are often similar. Liabilities can also be both short-term and long-term and can include banking loans and overall debt of the company. Again, this information should be presented in terms of graphs on a monthly basis so the reader can identify if specific liabilities grow and decrease over the annual period being discussed. Monthly expenses are the third main section of the annual report. A large section of the annual report is the section that discusses the company's expenses each month over an annual period. While some of the expenses are set each month and do not change, such as rent fees and set service utilities, others can vary drastically. For example, the cost of business dinners or office supplies can change each month, so make sure to note each expense to get an accurate sum of monthly expenses. These expenses should be shown each...
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