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Personal Budget Exercise – Excel Creating a spreadsheet track personal business expenses is an excellent use of Microsoft Excel. For this exercise, you will create a spreadsheet to enter a personal budget and track actual expenses for the year. You may choose to use real data or create a fictitious budget using a monthly income amount of $2,500. Here are suggested budget categories if you are not using a real budget. At a minimum, you must have 9 budget categories: Housing (mortgage or rent) Utilities Car payment Insurance Student Loans Food Misc. Entertainment Gas Savings

Note: All requirements must be met to earn points. While you may design your spreadsheet in a way that works well for you, failure to incorporate these elements will result in point deductions. Requirement Points Allocated Comments

Custom Header titled, "My Household Budget."

Custom Footer with your name in the Right Section and automatic pagination in the Left Section. Enter column headings : ITEM, MONTHLY BUDGET, MONTHS – JANUARY THROUGH DECEMBER

0.25 This Custom Header text must be Arial 14 point, Bold, and be centered on the page. 0.25 Text format is Arial 10 point, Normal. 0.25 All column headings must use the following text formatting: Arial 10 point Bold Centered text in column All capital letters 0.25 Text format is Arial 10 point, Normal. Align text Left in the cell. 0.25 I will be able to tell if you simply typed in the "$." This will result

Use your own personal budget categories or the list provided to set up the rows under ITEM. Format all numeric for Currency, using two decimal places. If you have this set up correctly

MS Excel will automatically insert a "$" in front of the amounts that you enter.

Under your heading MONTHLY BUDGET, enter a budget amount for each ITEM category. Under the heading for each Month, enter an actual expense amount for that item for that month. (For example, in the winter months, your utility bills might be higher). While some items...
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