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Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, Charles I of England hosted a sumptuous state banquet for many of his friends and family. The meal, consisting of many delicacies of the day, had been simply superb but the ''coup de grace' was yet to come. After much preparation, the king's French chief had concocted an apparently new dish. It was cold and resembled fresh fallen snow but was much creamier and wetter than any other was after dinner dessert. The guests were delighted, as was Charles, who summoned the cook and asked him not to divulge the recipe for his frozen cream. The king wanted the delicacy to be served only at the Royal table and offered the cook 500 pounds a year to keep it that way some later, however poor Charles feel in disfavor with his people and was beheaded in 1649. But by that time, the secret of the frozen cream remained a secret no more. The cook, named DeMirco, had not kept his promise.

This story is just one of many of the fascinating tales which surround the evolution of our country's most popular dessert, ice cream. It is likely that ice cream was not invented, but rather came to be over years of similar efforts, Indeed, the Roman Emperor Nero laudius Caesar is said to have sent slaves to the mountains to bring snow and ice to cool and freeze the fruit drinks he was so fond of Centuries later, the Italian Marco Polo returned from his famous Joanne to the Far East with a recipe for making water ices resembling modern day sherbets.


Ice cream contains most of our favorite flavors. What do chocolate, potato chips and ice cream all have in common? They all contain high proportions of fat. Fat tastes good. That's why we all like those foods. Another favorite is sugar. Again ice cream has a high level of sugar. The addition of fruit or confectionery (chocolate, caramel. etc) makes ice cream irresistible. The temperature that ice cream is consumed at makes it a pleasurable treat during the warmer months of the year. Ice cream also contains a portion of air. The air provides a softer texture making the product more pleasant to eat.

How Popular Is Ice Cream?

Here are some figures showing ice cream consumption (2008) in different countries:

|Country |Consumption |Per-Capita | | |(1,000,000 Liters) |(Liters Per Person) | |New Zealand |553 |16.3 | |United States |2748 |29.61 | |Australia |961 |28.1 | |Japan |1968 |17.6 | |Canada |2367 |17.78 | |United Kingdom |5461 |8.9 | |India |1298 |16.78 | |Pakistan |963 |8.67 |


➢ Milkfat: >10%
➢ Milk Solids not Fat: 9% - 12%
➢ Sucrose: 10% - 14%
➢ Corn syrup solids:4% - 5%
➢ Stabilizers: 0% - 0.4%
➢ Emulsifiers: 0% - 0.25
➢ Water: 55% - 64%


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