Border Walls

Topics: Illegal immigration, Immigration, Immigration to the United States Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: December 9, 2012
America Fernandez

Myshie Pagel

English 1301

October 19, 2012

“Friendship Should Never Be Divided”

“These fences have only forced immigrants to enter the country at alternate sites that are often more desolate and hazardous, increasing the danger that illegal migrants will die while trying to enter the country,” says Micah Issist. Unquestionably a wall is not going to stop immigrants and drug dealers, people who commit that kind of felonies are not going to be stopped by a wall. There are other methods to access the country, most of them are risky or not safe at all, but the need is what pushes them to do it. Even though border walls keep drugs and humans traffic to the minimum, these walls should not exist because they keep families separated and cause economic disadvantage for two countries.

Border walls keep drugs and humans traffic to the minimum. Border Patrol agents in Naco, Arizona, for example, reported that the wall built there in 1996 cut drug traffic and illegal immigration in half within a year. Clearly, what Alex Rich, a journalist for a local newspaper, is trying to show with this information is that the border wall has decreased the illegal actions that were taking place in the border cities. Another example that shows that border walls keep drugs and humans traffic to the minimum is set in the numbers that border patrol agents have reported along the time that they started building them they have caught one hundred and forty-four thousand aliens an from those illegal immigrants eleven thousand seven hundred and six were drug dealers. Following this further Heather Newton states how the border walls do protect the country, but what about the dangers people put themselves when they try to cross? Yes, illegal immigrants are criminals, yet they are still human beings and their lives are being risked.

Even though border walls keep drugs and humans traffic to the minimum, they should not exist, because they keep families...
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