Topics: Walt Disney, Fantasia, Mickey Mouse Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: February 4, 2013
We all know and love the famous Disney character Mickey Mouse created by Walt Disney. The character has become very popular in American culture and has stolen the hearts of people of all ages from many generations. Many memories can be associated with the shows, songs and movies that Mickey stars in, but after taking a look deep into the past we can see that there was a chance that the mouse we all are so fond of would have never existed. The movie Fantasia created by Walt Disney revived the career of Mickey Mouse and was the main inspiration of the production of the film. During the creation of the Fantasia, Walt Disney felt that the movie had to stand out and be different than any other film he or anyone else has created. He combined slap stick comedy along with whimsical fanstasy which set it apart from other cartoonist productions. He also incorporated classical music selections in which he was able to synchronize the sound through multiple speakers to make the audience feel as though they were a part of the film. Over the year’s people have fell in love with Walt Disney’s whimsical creation getting lost his magical fairytale, but never sit back and appreciate the true accomplishments that flourished from the film. I believe that the purpose of the musical was more monumental than just becoming a phenomenon, but was to market both Mickey Mouse and different classical music selections together as one, as well as revolutionize the cartoon industry creating new dynamics of sound and art.

During the late 1930s and early 1940s, Disney began to fear the longevity of Mickey Mouse’s career. He then created a short “silly symphony” called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice , but realized that economically the production would cost more to make than it would actually produce in profits. So, he decided to transform that short film into a full-length film which later came to be Fantasia. Fantasia was created in 1940 and was Walt Disney’s idea of gaining Mickey Mouse’s...
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