Volleyball: Spiking Your Way Into Success

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  • Published : July 7, 2011
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Volleyball: Spiking your way into Success
“Obesity in proliferating in the United States: 3.8 million people are over 300 pounds, over 400,000 people (mostly males) carry over 400 pounds and the average adult female weighs an unprecedented 163 pounds!” states The Latest Statistics on America’s Obesity Epidemic article from American Sports Data inc. While I find this shocking, I’m less astounded when I consider the millions of McDonalds and Burger Kings located around the world. There is a simple solution to this rising epidemic; exercise. We’ve all heard this before right, pick up a weight and the pounds will just slide on off. However, what I’m offering does more than just drop the pounds; I’m offering communication skills, a lesson in organization, responsibility and hard work, all things needed to succeed in school facilities, the “real world,” or more importantly in employment opportunities. I’m offering a sport, more specifically volleyball.

“Mine… I got it!…” I said during a volleyball match. My teammate to the left of me did not hear my call and proceeded to hit the ball as well. We collided into each other and could only hear the ball smack the floor. We arose to our frustrated teammates, an angry coach and the scoreboard showing that our opponents had one more point than we did. Thus, communication, or calling the ball is a vital component used on a volleyball court to prevent sporadic and possible harmful attempts to hit the ball. Likewise, communication is used in our everyday life to prevent unaccommodating situations to occur: turning in the wrong homework assignment, the same food item bought twice, picking up your child thirty minutes late, or missing your business meeting. Communication is vital to the success of a volleyball game and any functional atmosphere.

Other elements necessary for the structured participation of the game includes the phrase, “Bump, set, spike” In an in-door volleyball game, six players are...
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