Lack of Excercise

Topics: Obesity, Hypertension, Fatty liver Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 13, 2011
The lack of exercise doesn’t just affect your internal being but it also affects your external being as well. Lack of exercise can cause serious health issues. Our generation has been greatly affected by lack of exercise. Among all effects of lack of exercise, obesity is primary. Obesity is a condition where high amount of fat is accumulated in the body, which in turn can lead to several other health problems We have cable television, the internet, and video games partially to blame. It doesn’t help that most schools in the United States have had physical activities and recess programs removed from the school systems. A survey by the American Association for the Child's Right to Play shows that about 40% of public schools have already cut, or are planning to cut, at least one recess period from the school day. Because of the lack of exercise in children, child hood obesity has increased by 20% since 1980. Some immediate health problems include risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Obese adolescents are more likely to have pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood glucose levels indicate a high risk for development of diabetes. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem. If children were to have physical activity each day for at least one hour, the statistics for child hood obesity will drop dramatically. The percentage of overweight adults age 20 and over in America is 64%. 325,000 deaths occur each year because of obesity and lack of exercise. Because of lack of exercise serious health issues can occur in the individual’s body. Being overweight also takes off about 15 years from one’s life. Lack of exercise in elderly adults causes loss of balance. Lack of exercise increases the risk of injury. It can also lead to fatty liver disease known as hepatic steatosis....
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