Voilence in America

Topics: Crime, Sociology, Violent crime Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Violence in America

America has the largest number of people behind bars for violent crimes and on the highest homicide rates in the world. It has been noted that the American definition of violent crimes constitutes a smaller spectrum of crimes than European and Asian countries. The homicide and violent crime of the United States is comparable to that of disturbed East European and South East Asian regions. It’s been noted that 45.9% of the crimes between 1974 and 2004 are committed by whites; blacks make up a 52.1% and other races about 2%.

One big factor that plays into the violence in America is the ownership of guns. Because in America its sociably acceptability to walk around with guns and then you add impulsive behavior to that, it is no surprise that that the violent crimes that are committed in America are due to guns. Its more normal to have a gun than to see a kid walking around on a cellphone. If we went back in time a little say around the 1700s and early 1800s, it would be no problem for an American to carry a gun to protect themselves from wild animals or predators. In America today it hardly makes any sense.

Along with the serious issue of guns playing a huge role in the part of violence in America, another issue is the income inequality and poverty in America. In parts of the country that are lower class, it is filled with inadequate levels of housing and healthcare and unemployment. It has been noted that the lower socioeconomic class engages in more criminal activity than those that are considered financially well off. These people tend to be desperate for whatever they can get. Usually they can barely afford to live day to day and most times are extremely likely to suffer from some form of mental disorder. Also the level, if any, of motivation toward hopefully one day being successful, is most times usually non exists.

This problem that is present in the lower class can be described as epidemic because it spreads like a bad case...
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