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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Silvia Caamano
Essay 5
Children and parents held hands as they cheerfully walked into a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Couples and friends took their seats and munched on popcorn as they excitedly awaited the much waited for premiere of Batman. None of these innocent people could have or would have ever imagined that this simple night out would end it warm blood and wet tears. The recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado is only another example of the repeating violence in the United States. Many blame these psychotic killings on the violence our children grow up with in the media and toys. “Shootings” by Adam Gopnik, expresses the views of others such as me, who believe that the blame on these shooting is not on the media, rather on the lack of control and actions the government takes to prevent further massacres.

Violence is inevitable. Some of the greatest psychological researchers have stated that the human mind is driven by the desire for sex and violence. The well-known book, Lord of the flies by William Golding, as well as many twentieth century movies, is based on this concept. In his article, Gopnik analyzes mass massacres in other countries and compares them to those of the United States. Although the other countries look down on the United States, they do not take the time to compare their past killers to those in the U.S. As Gopnik states, “Every nation has violent loners, and they tend to have remarkably similar profiles from one country and culture to the next.” This statement simply means that our culture has nothing to do with the violence we hear about all over the news. Part of the blame lies further than the shooting games and action movies our kids watch on television, it lies on the government. The government has the power to create new laws in order to protect its citizens. The United States government however, has not taken necessary measures to minimize these types of massacres. While other countries take great actions after unfortunate...
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