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Virtualization reduces IT costs while increasing the efficiency and utilization of existing assets. So it is becoming more popular among IT companies. VMware is one of the companies which supplies products for datacenter virtualization is leading the pack.

VMware’s ESX/ESXi is one of the enterprise-level virtualization product offered by VMware, Inc. ESX is a component of VMware Infrastructure, it adds management and reliability services to the core server product. This is one of the widely used tools in Server Virtualization.

1) Architecture: VMWARE ESX (white Paper):

This white paper provided by VMware Inc has the details for all the underlying components in ESX framework. It explains the startup and operation process, colored figures are embedded in the document about the layers. The ESX Server architecture allows administrators to allocate hardware resources to multiple workloads in fully isolated environments called virtual machines.

2) VMware hypervisor still king for enterprise-class workloads (News Article):

This article in network world outlines the comparison between VMware with other competitors. According to research conducted by the Burton Group VMware is still the preferred virtualization vendor which meets most of the enterprise requirements, while rivals Citrix, Microsoft and Virtual Iron are trying to meet the meet the goal, VMware, is the market share leader in x86 virtualization, offers 100% of the features required to run enterprise-class, production workloads with the vSphere hypervisor.

3) VMware ESXI demo (VMware website)

This demo provides the basic introduction, uses & features of VMware’s ESXI .It compares ESXI with the competitors in the market. This is created by VMware and is posted on the product website.

4) Examining VMware ESX Server

This journal in DR Dobbs website outlines some of the advantages of VMware server. Columbia university students conducted an...
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