Visual Text Analysis

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cigarette, Yellow Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Visual Text
Advertising was first developed in 1841. It has become the way we communicate to persuade an audience. It has become a huge part of our lives. It plays a large role in our social impact of life. It has shaped our values to the point that it is taking over the decisions we make. Everything we are taught and believe are right and wrong are changed by the way it makes us think and behave. Our culture is being shaped by these advertisements and commercials and sadly they are affecting us in a very negative way. The advertisement I chose to write my paper on is about a particular type of cigarette which is called the Tipalet. The reason why I chose to write my paper on this particular type of advertisement was because this is an example of how advertising is affecting our culture in a negative way. Advertisements like the one I will be addressing in this paper show how we are more focused on how we look and what the society thinks about us. Advertisements such as these sometimes use some type of sexually connation to get the audience interested. They also make us feel that if we don’t have a certain thing then we will not be accepted in our society. Tipalet is a favorable cigarette that was invented in the seventies and has been around since. The Tipalet Company chose this specific advertisement to tell the male smokers of America that they should smoke Tipalet cigarettes because only the best man smokes Tipalet. The background of the ad for the cigarette is yellow. The color yellow is inviting and warm because it is the color of sunshine. Yellow is a part of warm colors. People feel more comfortable with warm colors. People usually turn away from advertisements that has dark colors and that are plain. The color of sunshine is appealing to a broad audience. There are two people in this ad; a handsome young man smoking a Tipalet and a beautiful woman. The man is blowing smoke at the woman so she can smell the flavor of the Tipalet. The woman is...
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