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Topics: Business, Business school, Marketing Pages: 7 (2000 words) Published: April 7, 2013
CONTEXT ANALYSIS| What is the background for this MESSAGE? Catalysts and triggers?| A significant variance in average grades of students, in relevance to their field of study, has led me to believe that the program entrance prerequisites for Math 12, of business and marketing students should be increased, to match that of the accounting program.| AUDIENCE ANALYSIS|

IDENTITY| Who is my PRIMARY audience? (Internal/External; Name/position)| The chairs of Marketing and Business Programs at Kwantlen Polytechnic University| | Who is my SECONDARY audience? (Internal/External; Name/position)| The Dean of the School of Business at Kwantlen Polytechnic University| KNOWLEDGE| What background do they (already) have on this issue? | (High Medium Low)They are not instructors of the Business Statistics 1110 course, and would not have seen the variance in students’ grades the same way I have.| | What knowledge do they (already) have about this issue? (| (High Medium Low)The chairs, as well as the Dean are aware of the program entrance requirements in relation to business and marketing programs; however they are probably unaware of the variance it produces in final grades of the Business Statistics 1110 course.| RELATIONSHIP| What is my credibility/relationship w this audience? | (High Medium Low) TrustThe chairs of Business and Marketing programs are probably other instructors I may have worked with previously. We are all instructors at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and want the best for the students that we teach.| ATTITUDE| How will they probably feel about my action request?| (Hostile Negative Neutral Open PositiveIt may seem like a strong request to alter the program entrance requirements in regards to only one course at Kwantlen, but the higher grade in Math 12 will suit students at Kwantlen better for Business Statistics 1110, and possibly additional courses in the future. Upon presentation of the facts in my memo, they will probably be more receptive to the adjustment in entrance requirements.| PURPOSE ANALYSIS|

PURPOSE| What is my MAIN PURPOSE?| (To Inform, To Describe, or To Persuade)| MAIN POINT| What is the MAIN POINT of this message?| My main point is that the program entrance prerequisites for the Business and Marketing Diploma programs, should be increased to match the prerequisites of the Math 12 requirement of the Accounting program| ACTION REQUEST| What do I want the reader to do as result of reading this MESSAGE?(start with ACTION verbs)| 1. Review the information discussed in my memo 2. Review the entrance requirements for each program 3. Adjust the entrance requirements for business and marketing programs before September 2012| QUESTIONS(AudienceAnticipation)| What QUESTIONS will the reader want answered in this MESSAGE?(List questions on separate sheet)| Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Why Not? How Much?|

Audience Anticipated Questions:
These are questions that I anticipate my audience will have while reading my memo, and have integrated their responses into the body of my memo. 1. Who is enrolled in Business Statistics 1110?

2. Why should the entrance requirements of only business and marketing programs be raised? 3. What should the prerequisites be adjusted to?
4. Why should these prerequisites be altered?
5. When should this adjustment take place?
6. How much is the difference in average grades between accounting, business, and marketing students? 7. What are the examples showing the variance in average grades? 8. Is business statistics 1110 a math based course?

9. Is business statistics 1110 a perquisite for other courses in these programs? 10. Was the variance between students in each field consistent throughout the whole course? Kwantlen Polytechnic University Memo...
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