Visual Aid Speech

Topics: Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, United States, Iraq War Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Visual Aid Speech Outline
Goal: to inform my audience of the meaning of a few the medals awarded to members of the military forces. Introduction:
Attention: Has anyone in this class ever participated in some sort of heroic act or any other action that you felt you deserved some sort of recognition for? Well if you have, you are much like those members of the military you sometimes see heavily decorated with bright shinny colorful medals. These individuals, like you, have committed some superlative act that earned them those medals. Btu what exactly did they do and what do these medals mean? These medals tell a story of the life and experiences of the individual that proudly wears them.

Justification: In order to know what these individuals did to earn those medals we could start with the history of some medal and how they are earned.
Expertise: Having actively served in the United States Military for four years and earning four honorable medals myself I could share with you a few examples of how some of these medals are earned. Main Point:

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal: Meritorious service or achievement in a combat or non-combat situation based on sustained performance of a superlative nature. * Instituted in 1961. It was a ribbon only award, in 1967 secretary of the Navy began to award the medal we see today. Navy Good Conduct Medal: Outstanding performance and conduct during three years of continuous active enlisted service in the U.S. Navy. * Instituted in 1884. Awarded to seamen after completion of enlistment. Any seamen with 3 medals would be promoted to petty officer. National Defense Medal: 120 consecutive days of service participating in, or any honorable active duty service during certain periods in time. Most recent is war on terror from 2001-present day. * Instituted in 1953. Qualifying dates 1950-54 (Korean war), 1961-74 (Vietnam War), 1990-95 (Persian Gulf War), 2001-present day (War on Terror). Humanitarian Service...
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