Visitor: Debut Albums and Magical Enchanted Dwelling

Topics: 2007 singles, Debut albums, 2000 singles Pages: 5 (2341 words) Published: October 10, 2010
An unexpected Visitor

I was lying in bed staring out of the window into the star studded sky. I couldn’t sleep, again............. Ever Since I had moved to Arkham things had changed. I felt like someone was constantly watching me, penetrating my thoughts and taking over my mind. I looked over at the clock, my nightime routine, it read 00:00, Mid-night. The house was silent of anything living, the only sound was the quickening of my breath, the atmosphere eerie and chilling. Mum would have been long asleep, I had heard her creaking up the old staircase sometime ago, and checking in on me, as she did every night, I pretended to be fast asleep as I didn’t want to worry her that I hadn’t been sleeping well. She had enough on her plate, what with the divorce, (how I hate that word!) and then moving here. Her soft hand had brushed my cheek sending goosebumps down my arm, but that was over an hour ago, if only she knew how to save me from this endless darkness.... Now I was on my own. I crept slowly out of bed, moving lightly across the old floor boards so I wouldn’t wake mum, and moved towards the cold glass of the window. I opened the window like a skilful thief, only I was breaking out of my prison into the night to steal the treasures that it had in store for me. The air was calm and inviting, the trees opposite my window were almost motionless as if playing a child’s game of musical statues. What amazed me the most was that why would anyone want to live here. The whole town was completely lifeless! It was boring and dreary, but yet at the same time made me feel uncomfortable and edgy like something wonderful was going to happen. And then it did. It happened as quickly as the dawn of a new day. For a second even I didn’t believe what I had witnessed. My precious night had been disturbed again, and it infuriated me. From the top of the street, like a flash of lightening a white car came swiftly down the road and came to an abrupt halt outside my house! I stood there, glued to the floorboards, my forehead pressed against the icy glass, it felt good, and gently soothing . The ghostly figure of a woman appeared from the car, the way she moved gently and effortlessly sent me into a trance, I didn’t want this feeling to end....why?. She looked about 18, my age, and her skin was so pale, almost translucent, I wanted to touch it, I was mesmerized by it. Her hair was long and the most amazing colour, a colour that had no name, but shone like velvet in the silvery moonlight. Then, in one swift movement of her head she turned and focused her gaze on me. Her eyes pierced through my body, penetrating my mind, controlling it, controlling me. It was her. She was the one keeping me from entering the world of sleep and dreams, unable to concentrate on anything, yet now when I saw her, I had complete peace in my heart.

We stood for what seemed like an eternity, never taking our eyes of each other, allowing her to take hold of my very soul. Slowly she raised her hand and motioned for me to follow her into the suffocating darkness that lay ahead. Inside I was screaming, screaming that this was wrong, danger, help!!, yet I was helpless to overcome the power she had over me and intrigued to step into her world, maybe then I could finally be released of all the stress and confusion of my life and be free. As foolish as it may be, I wanted to follow her. Silently, I snuck over to my wardrobe and pulled out my jacket and shoes. Praying that mum wouldn’t wake I moved swiftly across the top landing and down the staircase towards the kitchen. The house was cold with only the sound of the ticking clock in the hall. I somehow knew I needed to write mum a message to say where I was going, at that very moment it felt like I wasn’t coming back, but I still couldn’t control the urge to leave. My heart ached to leave her alone but I had to go. She was waiting. It was then, close to her that I noticed her eyes, they beckoned me to sink deeper into...
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