Visiting Foreign Countries, Some People Take Full Advantage of Opportunities of Learning About Other Culture and Traditions. How Can People Learn About Other Cultures and Traditions? While Some People Learn, Others Don'

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Western culture Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: July 5, 2012
“Do as Roman do”, as there goes a saying, it is thought that the obedience to cultural norms of other nations in your visit is beneficial for visitors. However, others claim that this gives them the feeling of uneasiness. My essay will provide insights into two contrasting views Firstly, when visitors learn to follow the local culture, they might enrich his knowledge. Through differences in culture, they get to know something else apart from their mundane life, for instance, seeing the beauty in musical festivals overseas and understanding the importance of punctuality. Luckily, some restrictions in their own culture can be complemented by the perception of new culture. However, it is argued that not all cultural aspects are deemed to be compatible with their old belief; if they are stickers to Islamism, they will have to refrain themselves from drinking alcohol and sexual life in their visit to western cultures. The temptation is supposed to surrender to their loyal faith; otherwise, they will be seen as outcasts of their religion in their comeback to homeland.

Another reason in favor of the former view is to bestow upon visitors the sense of easy adaptability. Being open to cultural differences and trying to learn them, they can hardly feel like a fish out water, but immerse themselves in these diverse environments to make friends with people here and have fun-filled days. How boring it could be to stay away from local people who know to make you laugh and take you to unforgettable trips endemic to their culture! The counter-argument is that even if the local cultures welcome different behavior and belief of visitors, they would greatly benefit. Only by creating a home-like environment can local people appeal more visitors and give them the feeling of comfort. Equally important, by this way, people of host nations can come to know more about cultural diversity from visitors from all walks of life. Thailand is a telling example of a country endeavoring to meet...
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