The Impact of Special Events

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The Impact of Special Events
Balancing the impacts of events
Special Events have both positive and negative impacts and it is essential the in assessing the impact of and event or of a proposed event that careful consideration is given to whether the positive outcomes sufficiently outweigh the negatives to justify the event.  

The positive impacts must be developed and maximized so that they both give and appear to give the maximum benefit to all stakeholders and to the wider community positives include: - ·   Destination promotion and increased tourism

·   Extended length of stay
·   Higher yield
·   Increased tax revenue
·   Job creation
The negative impacts need to be addressed through awareness and intervention to insure that every possible and practicable step is taken to minimise their impact negatives include: - ·   Community resistance to tourism

·   Loss of authenticity
·   Damage to reputation
·   Exploitation
·   Inflated prices
·   Opportunity costs
The task of the event manager is to balance these impacts of events in the interests of all stakeholders.  
Economic impact
All levels of government use events to promote and develop policy initiatives and to generate desired social and economic outcomes.  
In Australia, all tourism events are subject to economic impact studies. The Australian Open Tennis Championships is an example: in 2005 the tournament attracted well-over 500,000 spectators, with a $209 million economic impact on Victoria's economy. With almost 36,000 extra interstate visitors and about 8,000 more overseas visitors at the Australian Open, one can see how events can stimulate tourism. Visitors went to the tennis, ate in Melbourne's restaurants, went shopping and took trips to regional destinations.  

Arts Victoria has worked with CRC Tourism to develop a kit for evaluating the impact of regional festivals. This kit is specific to Victoria (since the multiplier effect is different for different regions). The...
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