Virtue and Rudy

Topics: Virtue, Culture, American football Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Rudy Essay
By: Nicole Gardner

In the movie “ Rudy” there were six values that Rudy followed. The values were Responsibility, Relationships, Compassion, Courage, Achievement, and Recognition. Rudy needed all these values to complete his goal of playing football and going to Notre Dame. There are many ways he showed all of these values throughout the movie. Here are some examples of how the values are used in the movie.

Responsibility is one of the values that is in the movie “Rudy”. Rudy has to show a lot of responsibility to get to Notre Dame and into the football team. One of the ways Rudy shows responsibility is by keeping up with his grades to make sure he gets into Notre Dame. He also shows responsibility in this movie by also keeping up with his studies to go to college. Another way Rudy showed responsibility was by showing up for the job that he had at college everyday. Through doing all of this he showed responsibility but he also needed other values.

The second value was relationships. Rudy had to make some relationship in his journey to get to Notre Dame and the football team. These relationships that he gained helped him with encouragement to keep going. One of his relationships was with his friend Pete from the mill, Pete always believed in his dream of going to Notre Dame. Another one of his relationships was with D-Bob who became his tutor and Rudy became his wingman. These relationships helped him with encouragement to keep going on his goal to get to Notre Dame and play for the Irish. He still has more values that he needs though.

Compassion was the third value and it was a big one in the movie. For Rudy one of the main strongest compassions that he had was with the black guy that he works with in the school. The black guy showed compassion to Rudy by giving Rudy a blanket and a key on the cot for him. Another one of the ways he was showed compassion was when he showed his dad that he got into college and his dad hugged him. Most of...
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