Virtual Organizations: the Benefits, Problems, the Solutions

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Virtual Organizations: The Benefits, Problems, The Solutions

Technology in the early millennium was not as advanced as it is today. In the late nineties, email and MySpace were the primary means of networking for people, iPads were only a dream, and the closest thing to a smartphone was a phone with a built-in camera. This decade promises more than advanced communication; it converges on computer-based intelligence with enhanced interactive networking forums. On the social networking level, webcasting and live-streaming have become second to live chat via internet or traditional voice. The implications for these developments in a business are critical. Within this paper we will discuss what a virtual organization is, the benefits and problems that may be presented with using this type of organization, and the different types of ways that you can avoid such things from coming up. The first question that should be asked is, what is a virtual organization?

A virtual organization is defined by the article, The Impact of Individual Expectations and expectation Conflicts on Virtual Teams, as “a group of geographically dispersed members who carry out independent tasks toward a common goal. (The Impact of Individual Expectations and Expectation Conflicts on Virtual Teams , p. 350). As explained in the definition, virtual organizational employees do not need to be in the same time and place to get their ideas across but rather use the power of technology to able to keep tabs on one another and progress of the team goal. With this definition, this can show one of the benefits to having a virtual organization versus a traditional one. This leads me into my next question: what are the types of benefits that can be associated with using a virtual organization rather than a traditional?

One benefit that can be said about a virtual organization is that technology has provided companies, as stated by How Technology Has Influenced the Field of Corporate Communication, a way to become more a part of the companies’ day- to-day plans. The journal’s article elaborates upon this benefit by saying that with virtual organizations corporations are able to stay tapped into their daily company activities, and they are able to reach their employees around the world that they wouldn’t be able to reach under normal circumstances. This means that if I were a CEO of a fortune 500 company and I had to take make sure that a part of the project was being completed, if I did not feel like spending the time or money to fly out to the destination where it was being completed, then with the help of virtual teams I can use such technologies as Skype or Cisco telecommunications technology to view the progress of that item. Even though there are many benefits to using virtual organizations there also must be drawbacks to using this system.

With any type of technology as we all know there are many negatives that come with using it. With virtual organizations, there is nothing different about the problems that these companies may be enduring. As we see in the journal of computer-mediated communication, three things that cannot present a problem towards these virtual teams are trust, performance, and the communication process on making decisions upon these virtual organizations.

The first problem that may exist is the trust issue between the groups/organizations. In the journal article, Trust, Performance, and the Communication Process in Ad Hoc Decision-Making Virtual Teams, it states that trust within a team helps move the team forward with the project and also makes the overall quality of the project better. With this all being said, within a virtual team, most of the team members are geographically spread out around the world with little communication cues. Often with complications within technology, it is hard to develop that comfort and complete trust with your teammates to be able to give you things on time, or, on the flip side, ask them...
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