Riordan Security Issues

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CMGT 440 - Introduction to Information Systems Security
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Riordan manufacturing is a plastic injection molding company based in San Jose. The company also has various operations in 3 other Michigan cities as well as one overseas office in China. “Riordan has a 46 million annual earning” and their major customers are automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers, bottlers, and appliance manufacturers”, (UOP Virtual Organization, 2006). This company was started by a chemistry professor in 1993 and has expanded over the last 7 years. In 2006 Riordan has projected to increase their sales from 46 million to 50 million dollars but in order for Riordan to keep pace with its competitors they will need to look at choosing a better method of reporting and collecting their sales and marketing information technology system. Each plant has an enterprise resource planning server. Its data store centralizes the management each plant’s resource applications (University of Phoenix, 2006). These applications hold vital information of customers, vendors and internal assets which must be secured. Various cryptographic and encryption standards are valuable tools in achieving this goal. Governmental regulatory compliance also asserts demands on data security. The following will evaluate each plant’s data security issues.

Riordan Manufacturing Locations
San Jose, California Plant
During company research, it has become evident that the San Jose and Hangzhou network are strikingly similar; each houses approximately 35 - 40 users which connect to each plants two Cisco 5920 switches. “Cisco routers use the different communication protocols (Ethernet, TCP/IP, for instance) and have their own programming languages” (Cisco). The switches are not able to function to their fullest ability because of they are...
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