Virtual Field Trip

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Rhein 1 Randi Rhein HDEV 4 Carol Silva

Virtual Field Trip School: Sunrise Montessori What is their Philosophy: Their Philosophy is based on love and respect for each child. They understand and accept that each child is a special and unique individual and a beautiful gift entrusted into their care. Their warm and loving school environment provides each child with the love and joy of learning and allows and encourages each child to realize their fullest potential in all areas of life. They believe that this is child care at its finest. Do they list anything about staff; education, teaching techniques? : On the ‘Staff’ page each staff member has a little information on them, where they grew up, how they got started working in a Montessori school, and what their plans are for themselves in the future. Do they say anything about the physical setting (indoor/outdoor): It does not say anything about the physical setting of the school, but they do provide a gallery of pictures of children interacting with one another, in an indoor and outdoor setting. Do they say anything about curriculum and or schedule?: The curriculum changes monthly and depending on the month and what takes place in that month is how they set their curriculum. For example in September they study: rules and safety, grace and courtesy,, friends/family/ community, and All about me. In October they learn about: Land forms/ geological land features, cooking skills, harvest/fall and South Africa. In November they learn about, important people,

Rhein 2 thanksgiving story, and North America. In December they learn about, winter, holidays around the world, and Europe. In January they learn about, music/instrument families, Chinese New Year, and Asia. In February they learn about, composers and authors, money/presidents, and Antarctica. In March they learn about, environmental Awareness, zoology, spring, and Australia. In April they learn about, gardening, earth day, languages, and Africa. And in May...
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