Virtual Class Room

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Education over the Internet is the latest concept in spreading education to every one. The conveniences of learning on line are numerous. Students and those interested in learning over the computer and can choose their own timing that is convenient to them and the classes can be taken at their own place. This Virtual Classroom System is designed in such a way that the student i.e. client can communicate with the server when it is logged on and the client can retrieve the text files from the server by issuing the request. Clients have his or her own login name and password, which help them to get connected with the server. Here the students are provided with the facility of attending the class of their choice and can choose the faculty according to their wish. In the Virtual Classroom System, when we take the view of the teacher i.e. the server. It has the following features and functionality. 1.The teacher can pass text files to all the students present in the classroom. 2.Student can communicate one to one with the teacher.

3.Teacher can have a view about the attendance of the class. 4.Teacher has the right to permit or reject a student’s request to leave the classroom. 5.The text typed by the teacher is reflected on all the students system. 6.When the teacher leaves the classroom the students can’t communicate with the server.

The student module of the Virtual Classroom System can communicate with the server and retrieve the information from it. It has the following functionality 1.The students can enter into the classroom by issuing a request. 2.He has the facility to store all the notes issued by the teacher. 3.He is permitted to leave the class only after getting the permission from the teacher. 4.The student can ask the doubt to the teacher and it won’t be reflected in other students system.


Requirement Specification
(a)Function Requirements
(b) External Interface Requirements
(c) Performance Requirements


Existing System:
Here the existing system is a manual classroom system. We need to allocate a room physically to conduct classroom sessions. Both faculty and student need to attend the classes physically. We also need to provide some infrastructure for the classroom. Faculty needs to take the daily attendance manually and store it inside a book. If a student wants asks some doubt then entire class will be disturbed. When the faculty is giving some notes the candidate has to store the notes manually in a book. Since doing all these manually is a tedious process we need to provide online learning channel in the form of interactive classroom.

-Both student and faculty needs to come and attend the classroom physically -Faculty needs to take the daily attendance manually and store it in a book -Student needs to take down the notes manually

- Student can’t ask the doubts without disturbing others
Proposed System
The Interactive Class Room system is to replace the existing manual system with a software solution. The Interactive ClassRoom is developed with the aim of providing the convenience of learning online using RMI (Remote Method Invocation), is one of the main distributed technologies. This system provides the easy way to both the parties (Faculty and the candidate who wants to attend the class) in learning just by providing or creating Virtual Classroom System. By using this application both faculty and the student can attend the session very easily and communicate with each other very efficiently. Merits of this System

-Providing Virtual class room environment which doesn’t require any room Physically.
-Provides effective communication channel between the faculty and...
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