Virginia Woolf Essay

Topics: Greatest hits, When Disaster Strikes, Steps Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: January 6, 2013
One finds that adversity strikes constantly and at random, whether or not he expects it. Some fear adversity, while others accept and rebuff it. Each person deals with adversity differently, some with more extreme methods than others. Recently, a tragedy occurred in the tri-state area in the form of Hurricane Sandy. Those who were affected by it had shown their "true colors." Overall, adversity is seen to bring out the best in people.

The events following Hurricane Sandy's collision with New York was full of chaos. Gasoline was scarce, which led to steep increases in the price. Homes were flooded, with furniture and family heirlooms waterlogged and destroyed. Public transportation and schools were temporarily shut down. However, firefighters, police officers, and ambulance drivers were patrolling through New York off-duty, helping people who were hit hard by the hurricane. Home-owners who weren't affected much took in those whose houses were flooded. There were food and clothing shortages, so many took it upon themselves to organize for donations. Colleges provided their facilities to help temporarily those who were displaced by the hurricane. People were seen taking time out of their own schedule to help others during these adverse times.

Unfortunately, tragedy follows wherever adversity strikes. When floodwaters entered Officer Artur Kasprzak's home, Kasprak rushed six adults and one child into the attic. He proceeded to check the basement one last time, which cost him his life. His bravery during this uncertain and chaotic situation further validates how adversity brings out the best in people.

People aid one another during times of adversity. This provides them with a sense of community and togetherness. Adversity cause people to join together, rebuilding what has been lost. Acts of goodwill are encouraged and brought out when disaster strikes. Adversity truly brings out the best of people.
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