Virginia Massacre

Topics: Suicide, Virginia Tech massacre, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Virginia tech massacre
Virginia tech massacre is a tragedy, and the whole world was shocked by this. 34 people were killed, and 17 other were wounded, which included students and teachers. Many families were destroyed in a day, many people lost their friend and family forever. And those people who get killed, they may have a bright future, but they don’t have a chance to have it anymore. This event is unbelievable, but which is more unbelievable and sad is; this massacre was done by a 23 years old student called Seung-Hui Cho. What wrong with this man? Why did he do the thing like this? What happen to his life and let him make the decision to kill his classmate and teacher? What is in his mind driven him to this crazy massacre? We want to find out the answer, we want to know what is going wrong with this man; we want to read his mind and try to understand him. First, let we get into Cho early life; it should help us to understand Cho mental state better. Because person grow up and become a criminal always have a reason, and in most of the case, there are always have something happen in their childhoods that driven them became these cruelty killers. Cho absolutely have axis one disorder. Cho is really shy and have the disability to communicate with others include his family when he is young. When he is in 8 grades in middle school, Cho was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder known as selective mutism, as well as major depressive disorder. Anxiety disorder, depressive disorder and the disability to communicate with other people, all of these are common mental disorder, and people are already having treatment to deal with these mental disorder. It’s axis one disorder. Also information shows that Cho are a normal shy little boy when he is in his elementary school. Cho is good at math and English, other classmates also like him. Thing are change until he get into the high school. But even thought Cho had been...
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