Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers

Topics: Viral hemorrhagic fever, Marburg virus, Ebola Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are infectious disease that interferes with the blood’s natural ability to clot. These diseases can also damage the walls of tiny blood vessels, making them leaky. The internal bleeding that results can range from relatively minor to life-threatening. Causes of VHFs

VHFs are caused by several distinct families of viruses, which include arenaviruses, filoviruses, bunyaviruses, and flaviviruses. These viruses can affect multiple organ systems in the body, characteristically the vascular system and the body’s self-regulation ability. Common VHFs Diseases

* Dengue
* Ebola
* Lassa
* Marburg
* Yellow Fever
VHFs Carriers and Transmission
Most VHFs viruses naturally reside in an animal reservoir host or arthropod vector. They totally depend on the hosts for replication and survival. Usually rodents and arthropods are the main reservoirs for VHFs viruses. Notoriously arthropods and mosquitoes are the vectors of some of the illnesses.

Viruses causing hemorrhagic fever most commonly occur in tropic areas of the world. VHFs are initially transmitted to humans when humans have contact with the infected animals or insects, such as contact with the urine, feces, and body fluids (saliva, blood). Some of the VHFs can cause secondary transmission, which means the viruses can spread from one person to another through close contact with the infected person or their body fluids. It also can be spread through indirect contact with objects that are contaminated with the infected person’s body fluids (contaminated needles). Ebola, Marburg, Lassa and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses are examples.

Symptoms VHF Diseases

The symptoms may vary depending on the type of VHF. The initial signs and symptoms often include marked fever, fatigue, dizziness, muscle aches, loss of strength, and exhaustion. Severe cases of VHF often cause bleeding under the skin, in internal organs, or from...
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