Violent Video Games

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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Setting
Over the past few years, video games have become increasingly popular in our culture. During this time video games have experienced leaps in technology, such as improved graphics and the ability to play with others either in person or worldwide via internet . As video game popularity has grown and the technology has become more advanced, concern has also grown regarding the effects of violent video game play on children. Video games are unique, as compared to other games children and adolescents play, because it encourages players to become a part of the game's script. Players are encouraged to actively participate as a character by choosing how they will interact with other characters including which weapons will be used while fighting or attacking other characters. Weapons often include guns, knives, pipes, bombs, etc. Video games require players to pay constant attention to the game as compared to passively watching television or a movie. As active participants in the game's script players strongly identify with violent characters portrayed in violent video games. This identification with characters in video games increases a player's ability to learn and retain aggressive thoughts and behaviors they see portrayed in violent games. Exposure to violent video games may increase aggressive and hostile feelings while interacting with peers, teachers, and adults and may also decrease compassionate feelings for others with whom they interact. (Anderson, Carnagey, Flanagan, Benjamin, Valentine 2004). Shin (2008) stated that there is a huge hype surrounding the launch of every new game system. These video games has affected children age 4 all the way to 45 year-old adults, these video games have called for concern in our society regarding issues such as addiction, depression, and even aggression related to the playing of video games. In the current society, youth tend to enjoy playing video games, an activity in which it is usually done at every free time. Video games that is harmful to the minds of the youth, violent video games, like D.O.T.A. (Defend of the Ancient), Grand Theft Auto, Counter strike. These games are in demand to the youth now a day. The youth today is more on technology oriented than recreational activities. The school has the responsibility to help the students cope with the existing situation. There is the need to help the students cope up to see that adjustment means reaction to the demands and pressures of the social environment imposed upon the individual. Whenever two types of demands come into conflict with each other and resultant in an adjustment being made, a complicated process for the individual, then some special problems of adjustment arise. There is a significant problem for our youth, in that most parents do not adequately monitor the amount of time that children are playing video games, and the content of those video games. It is also a problem because many videos those boys are attracted to contain growing amounts of violence. The purpose of the present study is to gather information regarding social video game play and how this game play relates to social adjustment. Conceptual Framework

The study is anchored on the purpose of distinguishing the relationship of violent video games to social adjustment. Flew, Humphreys, Barker and Freedman (2000) suggested that violent video games also have many positive aspects and good effects; for example, it can be a safe outlet for aggression and frustration. It can develop many skills, (e.g. positive effects on divided attention performance, developmental issues and spatial and coordination skills). Also stated that people play because they want to get away from their everyday life, break routine, to relieve stress, allow them to cool off when they are stressed, take out their anger through the game rather in real life because these games are fun and an interesting way to spend time. Pirius...
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