Violent Films and Their Impact on Children

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Violent Films and Their Impact on Children

The film industry, in this generation, has produced several great and highly successful films, many of which contain some form of excessive violence. Some examples of these movies include The Boondock Saints, The Expendables, and Fight Club. Although these films are indeed wildly successful, it is important that such films are watched by only their intended audiences, namely adults. Many children are getting their hands on, violent films which could alter their moods and behaviors. Even though the film industry continues to produce violent films, it is imperative that parents actively continue to make sure they are distant from children as they may evoke negative social behaviors, such as fear, violence, and aggression.

Children continue to get hold of these violent films, mainly in their own home. It can be a difficult task these days for parents to see what their kids are constantly doing. “…in the real world, it can be hard for parents to monitor their children's media habits. With TV, movies, videos, and computer games, many parents do not know what their kids see every day,” says Miranda Hitti, writer for WebMD (Hitti). The expanding technology of this generation is certainly not on the parents’ side. According to Hitti, children are able to access violent material from the use of technological advances such as cable or satellite (Hitti). The role of the parents also play a big part in a child watching violent films. According to Prof. Kevin Browne, and Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis, families with one parent, apathetic parents, or parents who don’t actively care for their children may lead to the deliquency which comes from them watching violent films (706). As can be seen, it is important for parents to censor what their kids watch.

Many children in the U.S. are watching violent films. “Almost 13 percent of the nation's estimated 22 million children...
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