Violence in Television Creates Aggression in Children

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Anger Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: March 27, 2013
We all love action packed, horrifying, fighting type of movies like Drive, The Dark Knight, Kindergarten Cop, Star Wars or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. These movies don’t seem very harmful to us and may seem more funny then violent, but how children perceive these films is very different from how an adult may perceive it. How do children view these movies? And how do they absorb the information in front of them?. Violence in the media creates aggression in everyone but it has a major impact on children. Parenting and environmental factors also have in effect. Society and media has made us believe that violence is acceptable in films but when it happens in real life, many don’t seem accepting. People don’t seem to realize in order to suppress violence in life you have to begin with not displaying violence as if it was socially acceptable. Many factors play into childhood aggression; family, environment or mass media. Many parents sit their children in front of a television for hours just to keep them occupied, but they are not aware of the damage they are doing to their kids. Movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit may seem like a harmless movie to us but it portrays violence with guns, arguing and even distorted information of how to handle stressful situations. Movies or cartoons like this, show children you have to resort to violence to resolve certain situations. Other cartoons like Bugs Bunny, who cross dress and flirt to bring his hunter into a trap, are highly inappropriate. Young children are very manipulative and tend to reenact or repeat things they see or hear. It may be adorable when your kid is kicking and fighting around like Batman but in their mind they see fighting and aggression as a resolution. As they get older aggression and violence seems like a normal part of life and acceptable. They become desensitized with the more violence they are exposed to and usually want to watch something with more action and violence, hence become more and more absorbed...
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