Violence in Society

Topics: Violence, Emotion, Religion Pages: 4 (1565 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Violence in Society
Every evening we turn on the news only to see that mankind has developed new and inventive ways of killing each other. Violence has become commonplace in many areas throughout the world. However there is still hope that one day mankind will learn to live together in peace. Violence is caused by a combination of genetics, fear, ignorance, emotional outburst, and prejudice. Most of these causes can be cured by education. However the capacity for violence may always be hard wired into our genes. ( By educating people as to what causes violence and how to effectively deal with the emotions that lead to violence, I believe that we can eliminate approximately 90% of the violence in the world. However, I do not feel that mankind will ever completely remove violence from society due to the fact that violence is integrated into our genetic structure.

Before we can stop violence in our society we must first learn to take responsibility for our actions and for our children. Today we are having children at a younger age than ever before. When children are born to parents who have not reached the emotional maturity necessary to properly raise children then mistakes are made and the proper values are not taught correctly or at all. This problem can be resolved for the most part by teaching our children the consequences of their actions. For example, we need to teach our children that as much fun as sex can be, sex has some very real consequences. These consequences can only be handled correctly be those people who have had the life experience and have the emotional maturity to know how to properly deal with these consequences. Adolescence is a difficult time for most young people, a time of confusion and unstable emotions. The added pressure of parenthood on top of the normal pressure of adolescence is almost unbearable of some young parents. (

Today’s children are surrounded by images of violence in the...
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