Violence in Schools

Topics: Bullying, Crime, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Violence in Schools
Violence in schools is a major problem most schools in the global world are faced with. Violence in schools has become an issue of great concern and has reached an all time high. There is so much going on in schools today, which has changed the school educational system and defaced it with increasing violence, gun violence, bullying, crime, sexual assault, physical assault, cultism, gang violence and burning down school buildings. There are several factors that are responsible for violence in schools: childhood memories of abuse and victimization in the family, consistent indiscipline of a child, divorce, health disorders, aggressive behavioral patterns, bad relationships, gang violence, illegal use of drugs, substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking pot and tobacco, low income, little or no parental involvement, communication or care, rejection by friends, low self esteem, low family values, antisocial attitudes and behavior. The trend of violence in schools has increased the danger it poses to life and properties. Gun violence and school shooting is one type of violence that has taken a new toll in schools. Every student who has ever handled a gun to kill or shot others at school have been students who were mentally ill, depressed, emotionally stressed, marginalized or irritated. Kleinfield stated that, “ Seung-Hui Cho, who shot and killed 32 students and staff of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia had low self esteem and was a victim of bullying” (Kleinfield ). Bullying is rampant in schools and is an intoxication of power for which the bully harms, intimidates or physically assaults other students. Students bully other students by physical assault, cursing and jeering at the mistakes and deficiencies of others. The influence of bad association and cliques leads to violence. Students with good morals are often corrupted with bad influence from bad association and relationships which sometimes lead to crime, sexual assault and cultism....
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