School Shooters

Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Columbine High School massacre, School violence Pages: 5 (1574 words) Published: May 15, 2013
School Shooters

The world where human beings are living is falling every day in the deeper hole of violence. Violence is shown everywhere in our lives, in the television shows, books, newspapers, and radios. It is becoming more visible in our society in that people begin to see violence as a living norm. Violence is winning in many places in society so much that violence is also present in schools. School shooting is a kind of violence that is increasing day by day. Students can become a school shooter from personality disorders, the easy way to get a weapon, and also environmental influences.

Personality disorders can influence a student to become a school shooter. Doctor Langman did an excellent definition of psychopath, “Psychopaths are defined by cluster of personality traits. First, they are extremely narcissist. Narcissism involves two related concepts: egotism and egocentrism. People who are egotistical think they are superior to other people. People who are egocentric meet their own needs with little or no concern for the needs of those around them” (21). Understanding the psychopath’s profile can be related with school shooters. Certainly it is hard to find out people who have these symptoms because everybody is selfish and self- centered. Nevertheless, there is always a limit with these feelings. If someone crosses the line then people around that person have to be careful. People who are aware of their acts live in morality rules. However, school shooters are lacking of conscience in their acts. This is describing the lack of morality. “Second, psychopaths have no use for morality- no concern for traditional ideas of right or wrong- because morality interferes with the ability to meet their needs. And as a result of their lack of empathy and lack of morality, they do not experience guilt or remorse” (Langam 21).

Actually school shooters have more psychological characteristics. Normally it is hard to find these types of groups in a classroom. There are different types of students: smart, popular, jocks, and nerds. There is always one who stands out that cannot be part of these groups because he/she is antisocial. Antisocial is another personality disorder. The meaning of antisocial is that, “He or she does not operate by the rules of society. This includes laws, customs, common decency and a consideration for the rights and feelings of others” (Langman 35). Society makes the rules for people but school shooters decide to disobey them. Erick Harris was one of the school shooters of Columbine High School. Lying is another characteristic of antisocial personality. Doctor Langman wrote an excellent case of school shooter “Eric described his skill at deceiving others repeatedly in his journal. He wrote, “I lie a lot. Almost constant, and to everybody” Eric not only lied, but he took pride in his ability to lie” (36). Carefully people must choose their words, in other words; every word that people speak must be according with their actions.

Sadistic personality is another personality disorder of school shooters. Doctor Langman describes sadistic personality as “Sadism is experiencing excitement and satisfaction through making others an inner emptiness with a feeling of strength” (41). School shooters want to feel superior of their victims and as a result they use violence to intimidate and terrorize people. Their desire to be superior to any other person is so intense that they will use any method to achieve it. The next sentences will give us a great illustration of Eric who suffered this personality disorder. “Eric Fromm, who was a sociologist and psychoanalyst, defined sadism as “the passion to have absolute and unrestricted control over a living being.” This was Eric’s goal in life, he wrote, “I would love to be the ultimate judge and say if a person lives or dies” ( qtd. In Langman 42).A person with this kind of personality disorder wishes to have power over others through aggressive ways....
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