Violence in Music

Topics: Jay-Z, Sean Combs, 50 Cent Pages: 6 (2322 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Music Video’s and Their Effect on Teens
In today’s culture people are influenced by more than just their friends and family. The problem being discussed is that music videos send a message that it is ok to live as a thug and hustler through the use of appeals by showing these thugs in music videos as living glamorous lives. People’s personalities are influenced by what they see and hear, whether it is through television, radio, or video games. The television is by far the most effective tool for influencing people. The invention of the TV gave advertisers and television networks the ability to advertise products and broadcast television shows to their audiences. Companies focused on marketing strategies to make the consumer feel as if they have the best product. Today, television advertising is a multi-billion dollar a year business with companies shelling out millions per commercial to sell their product. There is no debate that the television is our main source for receiving information but what if this information was influencing people, children specifically, in a negative way? Today’s economy has forced parents to work more and more, which limits the amount of time they can spend and talk to their children. According to the A.C. Nielsen Co the average child spends less than 3.5 minutes a week having a meaningful conversation with their parents and over 1,680 minutes watching television. Which has a bigger influence on children, TV or parents? Music videos can send negative influences through Walsh 2

advertisements, lyrics, and the actions taking place in the videos TV has all sorts of shows that influence children in negative ways, but there is one form of television that has the most appeal and influence to younger generations. Music videos provide its viewers with images and sounds simultaneously to convey a message and a meaning. Some of the most famous musicians that have the most popular videos are people like 50 cent, Jay Z and P Diddy. All three of these artists have been arrested for numerous crimes, drug possession, assault and battery, possession of an illegal firearm, and the list goes on. The music videos that these artists put out are filled with everything that they themselves have been involved in; drugs, sex, violence, and hatred for the police. The views and opinions of these rappers are not discouraged; they are considered a way of life, what the rap and hip-hop community calls “the thug life”. The thug life is a glorified way of living, where people shoot first and ask questions later; where image is key. The use of advertisements is seen in almost all music videos displaying the most exciting images to the viewers. These videos almost exclusively show the same images over and over again; expensive cars, promiscuous women and running from the police. Studies have shown that violent videos do in fact cause violent behavior. As read in the article, violent rap lyrics can encourage violent behavior; “students were found to experience an increase in aggressive thoughts after listening to songs with violent lyrics” (Woodward). For people to say that rap music videos do not have a negative influence on youth is arrogant and dangerous. “More than 1,000 studies since 1955 have linked media violence and aggressive behavior” (Jipping). “Surveys conclude that music videos are watched by a majority of teenagers. Take the MTV network, for example. "Designed for Walsh 3

and aimed at teenagers between 12 and 19 years old, MTV is watched by 73 percent of boys and 78 percent of girls in this age group for an average of 6.6 and 6.2 hours each week," (Cromie). Why is it that MTV and BET continue showing these music videos, knowing the harm it does to society? It is because sex, violence, and hatred are today’s biggest sellers. On February 2003, 50 Cent released his commercial debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin', which sold 872,000 copies in the first four days of its’ release. The song and music video “In da...
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