Violation of Rights of Women

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  • Published : August 31, 2012
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Violation of Women’s Rights in India

Women rights are rights that are inherent to being Women. Human rights include the right to life, to security of the person, freedom from torture, freedom of expression, and much more. Everyone is entitled to enjoy these rights without discrimination. All women have the right to be safe and free from violence.

In India women constitute nearly fifty percent of our population. Women are denied human rights from the cradle to the grave. In India the situation leaves much to be desired. Sexual abuse and flesh trade are gnawing evils, which threaten the existence of women as independent entities

· Domestic violence: Violence against women in the family occurs in developed and developing countries alike. It has long been considered a private matter by bystanders -- including neighbors’, the community and government. But such private matters have a tendency to become public tragedies · Traditional practices: In many parts of India, women fall victim to traditional practices that violate their human rights. The persistence of the problem has much to do with the fact that most of these physically and psychologically harmful customs are deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of society. Son preference affects women in many countries, particularly in India. Sati is an old, largely defunct custom, among some communities in which the widow was immolated alive on her husband's funeral pyre. In 1987, the Roop Kanwar case of Rajasthan led to The Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act. · Dowry-related violence and early marriage: Dowry is the greatest crime against women. 'Are our daughters and sisters for sale? Women are virtually sold into the marriage market. Huge dowries are still demanded even when the girl can supplement the man's income. In such a milieu, a woman enjoys no rights because she is a woman. In some countries, weddings are preceded by the payment of an agreed-upon dowry by the bride's family. Failure to pay the...
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