Villa 4 Sale

Topics: Need, Want, Lebanon, Tennessee Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: October 20, 2010
This play is considered as a one-act-play and it was written by Sacha Guitry. It is a comic play that delights the audience. It starts with a comic conversation between the maid and her lady "Joliet". This conversation reveals how the relationship between the master and his servant was at that time. It seems simple and somehow comic since the maid offers her lady act with here in a film as a cooker despite the lady was rich. In addition, the maid says that lady seems comic when she wears a dress. This comic situation shows us how they fond in acting and even the maid who asks her lady to allow her to act. She says that even the butcher became an actor. She discusses her lady about the money and how they may gain. This discussion shows that they were interested in collecting the money in any way. However, Gaston is not an exception. He is ready to make any opportunity may come to him to gain money. At first, he insists not to buy the villa. He uses all the means to prevent his wife buying it. He accuses his wife that she wants the villa for her parents and her tribes!. Then, he offers a very cheap price which means that he doesn’t want to buy it. But, when the chance came to him, he made use it in a clever and witty way. His wit cleverness and diplomatic way in speech were perfect in managing the situation. Moreover, his wit and his perfect controlling of the situation, made him win the villa in addition to one hundred thousand francs. Consequently, we can get many lessons that Sacha wants to deliver to the audience that we need to have the skills of the management of each situation. Sometimes, we find ourselves obliged to try all means to control our life and even these means may be illegal. Man has to make use any chance which may change his life. Another point that the playwright want to shed the light on, is that money has a very strong power that can change anyone completely. Gaston was completely different after the chance had approached him. Also, the theme...
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